Saturday, 6 May 2017

Sum up of April and May!

Wow!! Again its been ages since I wrote my blog, so I will sum up what I've done with pictures!!

To start with I have been busy at college.

I've been enjoying spring and nature.

We've been to the beach!

Seen an Africa'n choir called Watoto.

Its been Easter!!

And Jacob turned 20!!!!
(the guy in the pictures and videos isn't Jacob that's Joel, I managed to some how not get any pictures of Jacob!!)
Snapchat-1198197500 Snapchat-1885212850 Snapchat-1966236024 
Snapchat-1423398931  Snapchat-1719242272
(The guy in the last video is Jacob)

I think I caught you up!! Because we are back in school now I will definitely be posting a bit more hopefully!!

Thursday, 30 March 2017

School Trip to Sudley House

Since we have moved to Liverpool, we have started doing "museum" Mondays! Its not always a museum, but we go out on a Monday to an educational place, like a school trip, so a couple of weeks ago we went to Sudley House! 

I didn't take loads of pictures of the inside of the house, but here are some of the ones I did take!

I quite enjoy these Monday school trip days! I don't always go, but I enjoy it when I do!! Thanks for reading please do come back and I'll try and post soon!!