Saturday, 18 February 2017

Bestie comes to say

We spent last week dancing, taking selfies and giggling!!

Snapchat-358458967 Snapchat-248210132  



It was the fist time we had seen her in almost 2 years!! We had so much fun and miss her loads and we hopefully won't leave it as long before we see her again!!

I know this wasn't long, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway!!

Friday, 10 February 2017

Abbie is 16!!?? What!!??

Happy 16th Birthday Abbie!! 

I cannot believe she is 16!!!!!

This would be a chance to post a load of ugly photo's of her, but I've already done that on nearly every social media I have, So this post is more of an appreciation post.

She is actually at college today, but gets back in the evening, so to start of Ellie and I decorated the house for when she gets home.


If I had to describe Abbie in one word I couldn't. That is because she is Incredible, Encouraging, Funny, Silly, Trustworthy, and just darn right Amazing!! I wouldn't be me today without her. We have our stupid moments and our serious talks, most the time is just silliness and dancing. She tells me when I need to calm down and even when I don't listen, she tells me she loves me!! She keeps me grounded.

I love you Abbie and no matter what you will always the best big sister ever!!

Thanks for reading, come back soon and feel free to comment!

Friday, 20 January 2017


College is going Fantastic! I've made so many amazing friends! 
 I'm learning new things about animals! The only ones I've worked with so far are goats, horses and currently working with fish, but although it may just be cleaning them out, we are still learning about how to interact with the animals, when to interact with them, how to approach animals, etc.

Lunch time is always the best, because that's when we get to wander around the zoo, climb trees, take selfies and have serious and hilarious chats!!
I'm very happy at the moment and I am always excited for Wednesday when I get to go back and do the same again, Hang with my best friends and learn about animals!!

Thank you for reading and would love to here about what makes you Happy down in the comments below!!!

Its a bit late, but...

Yes I know i haven't uploaded I'm ages again, but i prefer to leave it a while, because then I have more to talk about and it makes it more pleasurable for me!

Here's what I got for Christmas:


  • Slippers
  • 2 long sleeve tops
  • Mascara
  • Eye shadow palette
  • Notebook
  • Maltesers and friends chocolate selection

-Main/Tree presents
  • Reeses peanut butter cups
  • 20 pairs of earings
  • An army green top reading "Enjoy the Little things"
  • An army green top reading "Everything happens for a reason"

-Presents from Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins
  • Another malteser and friends selection box
  • Nail varnish
  • White chocolate snowman
  • Me Before You movie
  • Purse
  • Penny board
  • Sia's album "This is Acting"
  • Call the Midwife book series
  • Trainer socks
  • Cross Necklace

-Christmas Selfies

-Christmas Dinner

Hope you enjoyed my Christmas week!! Please feel free to comment!! 

Friday, 9 December 2016

10 lovable things about Christmas

🎝I, I love it when its Christmas time, cos everything feels alright, everybody's here feeling Christmas cheer, It's that time of the year!!! 🎜  

Here are some things I love about Christmas!

  1. Advent Calendars - I love the excitement of the count down to Christmas, the excitement just builds up inside you every single day as Christmas gets closer and closer! I also love how there's different things you can do to count down, and how there are different variations of advent calendars!
  2. The Christmas songs - There are so many in the world and so many versions of each song. Every time I listen to them I get so excited, they give me the bubbly Christmas Joys!! 
  3. Decorations - I mean who doesn't love a little bit of decorating? Especially at Christmas time! Some people go overload on decorations and some people go very basic and simple. However you like to decorate it all looks amazing!!
  4. Snow - Although we haven't had any yet, we are still hoping! I mean there are so many reasons to love it, its pretty, you can build snowmen, create snow angels, have snow ball fights and have an absolute blast with it!! 
  5. Christmas clothing - The jumpers, pajamas's, onesies, socks, slippers, it never ends with what you can wear for the Christmas season.
  6. Shopping - I love going into town and seeing all the Christmas lights that they've put up and buying presents for the ones I love!  I mean I would go shopping even if it meant not buying anything, I would go just to look at all the Christmas stuff. I would  just go to do Christmas window shopping!!
  7. Christmas Eve - Christmas eve is when you get your stockings out, it's when you can't sleep because is too exciting, Its when you snuggle up in the evening and watch the Christmas movie you've been saving for this moment!! I Can't describe how excited I am!!
  8. Christmas Dinner - All the food is amazing that even when you're full you want more!! Even if your a vegetarian it can be amazing(seriously go look in Aldi) Everything from prawn cocktail to the Christmas pudding, its incredible. 
  9. Opening of presents - The exhilaration of opening a gift, the fact that you don't know whats inside, it could be anything. I love that feeling, but i do also love knowing what i'm getting because then I get excited about opening it and getting it!!
  10. Family - On Christmas day your family are all so happy(well I hope they are) everyone is cheerful and its a tradition for our family to spend boxing day with all our extended family and that is the best thing about Christmas, being able to spend it with our amazing cousins, aunts and uncles!!
I'm thinking of doing my top/favourite Christmas songs, or who I think makes the best Christmas songs! What would you like to hear about??
thank you for reading and please come back soon!!

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Autumn Update

Yes its been a while again!! Instead of doing another catch up, which I always do, I'm just going to right about things I love about autumn and this time of year!!

  • At the start of October I get to look forward to The Gathering!!! This year was amazing and it also started the new name for Serious4God. Serious4God is now called "Limitless" which I think is amazing. Although she didn't go, Lucy was willing to do our henna and I loved it!! The Gathering16 was incredible and really has made me realize that with God we are absolutely Limitless!!

  • One autumn Sunday afternoon we went to a safari park and it was pretty awesome!! We got to drive round and go see all sorts of animals in our own car. It was an awesome experience and would do it again any time no matter how scared I was ;)  
    •    I have been learning to really appreciate and love autumn, I have been just sitting outside in the park and really enjoying taking pictures of the beautiful nature!!
    • I have been loving college and spending time getting to know my best friends!! I have made lots of new amazing friends and learnt a lot about how to clean different animals out, and how take care of them!!
  • My sister and I traveled down to Huddersfield for my friends birthday and we had loads of fun with our Narnia marathon, crafts, laughs, and sparklers!!


    • Although the weather is all rain and hail, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the out doors. So I went on a walk in the rain while everyone was at school, so the park and skate park was completely empty!!


    • I have finished Girl Online: Going Solo, which is an Amazing book by Zoe Sugg and I read it in a little bit less than a day!! 

    • And last but not least Christmas is coming!!!! I am so excited and I literally cant wait!!! 
    Thank you ever so much for reading, sorry again that I always leave it so long until I do a post, I am definitely going to try to do it more often and should have more to talk about now that we have moved to Liverpool and going to college. To let you know we are settling nicely into Liverpool and all un-packed just a few things left to do!! 
    Leave a comment if there is anything you would love to here about and would also love to here about what you love doing in autumn time!?